My mind was full of anxiety from the moment I arrive here. Where is he? He seems like nowhere to be seen and nowhere to be heard. Being in a total different place and far away from people I recognize just make my heart beats faster. I am afraid if I ever lose my self control in any moment. Well, you cannot imagine how dreadful I feel, waiting for the person who possibly will not showed up and how excruciating I might feel if he will not present.

Just after I start my car engine on, there’s a familiar figure reflected through the side mirror. I think I know him well, but I just cannot remember the memories related to him. My imagination, I suppose. It possibly cannot be him in this area. But what if it’s really him? The door is opened without any doubt to prove that I am not hallucinating.

“Hello, mister? Hello?” My words are drowned with the sound of the vehicles passing by. He barely hears me and takes a step to turn. It is him. It is really him. I can feel my face smiling without any force to do so-well, most probably because he is smiling too.

He is outstandingly good-looking and stunning as ever. The straight, high cheekbones and the golden-topaz brown eyes make his charm towards people stronger than I remember. I do remember that people would be sort of melt even if he accidentally stared or looked into their eyes. I do not know how tall to say he is, but my head is just about the shoulder of his. The hair that used to be longer and made his eyes barely seen is now appears to be in a straight perfect hair cut.

He invites me for a cup of tea towards the nearest café we can find. He is totally surprise with my presence and this meeting after ten years of disconnection. Working as an engineer in a well-known company makes me feel happy for the wish he keeps has finally come true. Things have changed a pretty much a lot yet there are certain things that are just the same as ever.

I remember our olden times together. The hardships, the tears, the depression are still fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. I remember when he consoles me when I keep thinking that I am losing myself, too afraid of the real, excruciating world outside of mine. I remember when we both have to make sacrifice for our own greater good when we both need to do a terribly unexpected twist in our lives.


I can see that he is more matured during our teen’s time. He has changed so much that I think I barely know him as he is now. The time, well has really do an outstanding job to himself until I realize that somehow, we need to start all of this over again. The life that he lives now makes me feel envious towards what he gets. He is more determined and has a higher self confidence as well as not easily being fooled with what he has had now. The knowledge, either formal or non-formal makes myself cannot find a suitable word to deny his opinions and thoughts.

He is now more talkative than I am. I always ‘rule’ any conversation but it is in contrast then. I am a good listener (I know) but the way he speaks is very convincing and I do not have any choice apart of giving a nod or saying that he is just right.

p/s : kertas bersepah-sepah jumpa tepi tangga ada cerita simpan daripada form 1, menarik hati, cerita penuh misteri tiada pengakhiran. yes, hanya menulis semula. tidak tahu tulisan siapa. lala-nothing. mysterious. 

"I LOVE IT " mata dia. auwwww ♥