So I found some tweets on twitter saying that a guy cheating on her. Basically, LDR ? Not really. Happens all the time.

So, here it is.

Masa awal awal kemain la kan acah je text pepanjang semua tu. Lpstu after 4-5 months reply pun tak, lambat. Sepatah sepatah. You know what ? Evryone deserves a life to live on.

Blablabla after few episodes. Tadaaa break up. I taknak la ckp apa apa kan but tht the truth ? It happened. Well come on, mestilah gaduh selalu. On small things. Make it bigger. Ikr.

And then, tht girl found he dated another girl. Obviously uglier thn you. Hahaha perasannya girl *rolled-eyes* Well you can laugh tht shes uglier well not really pretty sbb you make up 3-inch. Someone said tht 'at least he chose her over you.'

Nah girl. I back up dedua. To the fact tht tht guy is totally dickhead and you dont deserve him. 'Someone' also totally right bcs he/she said tht 'at least he chose her over you' ???

It happened.