I dont know is it just me or evryone will go through this one which the hardest part of yr life as a teenager ? Nah not really, I dont think everyone akan melalui phase ni in yr life. 

So, cakap pasal move on.

Moving on is nvr easy. I mean, it nvr was. You named it, evrythg. It nvr as easy as you thought. Its a completely unrealistic expectation tht you're going to move on immediately. I mean, hello people mungkin akan ckp "You've got to move on." "Get over this." "Just stop thinking." Of course you need time and the more you beat yrself up telling yrself you shld, you've to move on at a quicker pace, the longer it will actually take.

You said to yrself okay kena lupakan, lupalah, hilanglah, lupalah, hilanglah, but when someone mention his/her name, you akan rasa mcm ada renjatan elektrik menikam nikam. That is why, instead of forcing yrself to do tht, allow it to happen naturally. At yr own pace. 

Tht was a year ago. Lol. Hey if you're reading this, my bad I belum move on.

1959, 31st July 2016.