Izinkan patik membebel.

Last published on Sep 5, 2016. Ahhaaa 

Assalamualaikum guyssss. Lels

Alright actually i dont have one in mind on what topic im going to write here. But lately ive been thinking of someone tht i love la senang cerita. hahahaha. Lama kot since form 2 but then end up gitu gak. Biasa ahh en monyet puppies koala kenggeru ke penyu ke haa cemtu la. Love is in the air.

Hello bro if youre reading this, seriously youre such a dick :) But on the other side youre still my favourite lols (The one w H) I cant remember when is it I started to ignore all those feelings, you know its just happened. 

But what I noticed things tht happened to me are : I'm so crazy of movies, doraemon, cartoon (fr the time being mr bean and shin chan je la yg lain i belum terjebak lagi) and then i'm being soooo childish again (i mean hell yeah) sangatlah childish idk maybe sbb tesl kan bnyk bljr pasal bebudak and then to get into them mcmtu la en paham tak.

Seriously I tak pernah la nak ngam dgn baby ke bebudak so this is how im into them i mean at least i tried okay ? im tired if trying already. tesl really get me brain popped out you know like out of banana cemtu. paham tak. im already lost my mind jot down here i mean i really lost my mind rn sebab aaaaaa busy gila pastu gila.

Ahahaha tak ahh im doing fine actually you start to love evryone and pretend being happy go lucky (but i am most of the time) so, thts it ! alright so you know right once uve been hurt, you get scared to get attached again, bcs youre always thinking evryone you love will always end up hurting you. whoa im so good w words. 

yeah, true, me. Alright I really lost my words now i feel like not talking no writing and no evrythg. Im hungry :(

Skrg ni kalau nak spend my time pun i bnyk dgr lagu and go through the lyrics find the beauty in it, i mean the songs and lyrics and yeah that one.

p/s : Im sorry for tagging you here and there kat ig but I still wanted to share my happiness w you i mean that cats sooo cute, hey babe look at this its sooo funny yah i know you hate it. i mean sorry but who care ? sorry not so sorry. heh nampak sgt tak ehlas.


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